Saturday, October 31, 2015

Video Teleconferencing, the Basics (part 2 of 2)

But despite these concerns, this has not damaged its potential and popularity. The federal government and some educational institutions have approved funding to be used by other schools, colleges and libraries. It has also been used in the healthcare industry and judicial proceedings.

This helps train students, provides assistance to colleagues in the medical field when there is a situation that requires the advice of those experienced in the matter and provide testimony to those being tried for crimes that have been committed.

For offices that cannot afford video teleconferencing or unsure about getting one, they can first try using it by going to a facility that allows guests to use it. Given that the meeting will not take that long, you are usually charged an hourly rate. It is best to make a reservation days in advance and cancel at least a day before to avoid paying for the reserved time.

Video teleconferencing is one of the newest things that are being used today. Corporations are encouraged to use t o it because in business, this could mean the difference between their survival and success in the market.

How management acts on a situation is up to them since this is merely a tool just like the telephone or email to get your message to other members of the organization, clients and suppliers.

Everyone should remember that the success of any meeting regardless if this is video teleconferencing or in another form depends on the moderator or the host’s to make it interesting and make sure everyone is paying attention. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your resources in getting one that costs money.

Video Teleconferencing, the Basics (part 1 of 2)

Is there a difference between video conferencing and video teleconferencing? The answer is no because it is the same thing. The system enables two parties or more to communicate with each other and see each other face to face.

Making a call using this system is very similar to a telephone call. Once you make a connection, you are able to see the other party then talk to them or transfer files also known as document sharing or white boarding.

This works by compressing video systems with the help of codecs that provide high quality picture and sound at no extra cost to the user. Aside from the codec, the user will also need a monitor, a camera, microphone, speaker and the network connection.

With the tool in hand, you are able to use the time you have more productively, save millions of dollars in travel expenses, have shorter meetings and make it easy to call one whenever it is needed as well an increase your connection with the outside world.

You also won’t have a hard time looking for a provider when there are so many around. You just have to decide to decide whether or not you will be transmitting this either through ISDN (integrated services digital network) or IP (network protocol). For your information, most companies in the US use IP networks compared to the latter.

Despite its advantages, there are some who are skeptic about the idea of video teleconferencing. This is as some people find it hard to organize one when the group is scattered in different time zones. If this is not done properly, the anticipated goals or objectives will not be met. Also, there are things beyond their control like technical problems that could interrupt the meeting.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tai Chi in the Modern World (part 2 of 2)

Self-defense, Aesthetic or Physical and Mental Benefits?

Tai Chi is both. Although, the result of its popularity in the modern world made people’s opinion has broken into three dividing beliefs. This is true especially to those who are already applying and practicing it. But however the opinions may pave its way, it always depends on how it is done. If you are practicing Tai Chi because you wanted peace of mind, body and soul, then be it. If you are using it for aesthetic (wushu) purposes, then let it be done that way. But if you enrolled in a Tai Chi class because you believe in the power of Tai Chi to help you get through defending yourself, then, for you, Tai Chi is for self-defense.

Thing is, wushu is made only for show. The forms that were done and taught are all designed to amass points in a competition. Wushu techniques are really not concerned with any of the physical, mental and martial art aspect of Tai Chi. Instead, it is done to impress judges of certain tournaments.

But traditional stylists has this belief that martial arts and health are strictly necessary in the convergence of Tai Chi. Elements of the yin and yang must be there. Tai Chi schools still include their teachings in a martial art concept whatever their students’ intentions may be.

Tai Chi, like Yoga, is one of the fastest and most famous growing health maintenance and fitness program in the U.S.


A standardized form of Tai Chi competition, wushu had made it big as a Chinese sport. Rules for the competition were made to be succeeded within six minutes. It was formed by the Chinese Sports Committee and made many different forms of the competition.

Modern versions have become a very integral part of the international tournament. Tai Chi has also been included in movies and in very important competitions like the Asian Games.

Tai Chi in the Modern World (part 1 of 2)

Gone are the days wherein Tai Chi is only recognized within the homes of those who made it. Tai Chi have become very popular to people nowadays. It is not recognized as a way of exercising but of treating and preventing certain ailments that can’t be done through ordinary medications alone. With all of its proven advantages and outcomes, Tai Chi was recognized as an exercise that doesn’t merely involve physical strength and outcome but also inner strength. Not only have Tai Chi become famous in the treatment industry but also in sports and tournaments.

Tai Chi in the Medical Aspect

Tai Chi grew as one of the most effective exercise to treat, prevent and boost certain systems in the human’s body. Classes were included in hospital programs that involve arthritis problems as their main course. It is also popular in clinics, senior and community centers and as well as those places wherein stress management is applied.

Stress, one of the leading causes of many ailments today is present almost everywhere. It can be a pinch or a bundle of stress. It is common in workplaces wherein you meet deadlines every waking day. It has been concluded that, with the help of the principles of Tai Chi and what it is doing to the body, stress can be reduced or better yet, eliminated and prevented. Some of these workplaces include Tai Chi as one of their programs for their beloved employees.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Boxing Styles (part 2 of 2)

The inside fighter – This fighter is not as technical as "the boxer" but he is as exciting to watch as the slugger. The inside fighter spends most of his time in the ring closing inside his opponent and throwing heavy blows of uppercuts and hooks.

He may take some shots on his way in but an inside fighter often has a strong chin that can resist any possible damages. Some of the most popular inside fighters are Marco Antonio Barrera, Ricky Hatton, Julio Cesar Chaves, Mike Tyson, Julio Margarito, and Joe Frazer.

There are two other boxing styles that are worth mentioning: hybrid boxer and the crowder.

Boxers may fall into more than one type of style. This is called the hybrid boxer. For example, Naseem Hamed is considered a slugger but his agility and ability to move around the ring makes in an out-fighter. Mike Tyson who is known as a brawler is a very intense inside fighter.

The crowder didn't get his name from his ability to please the crowd but his ability to put pressure to his opponent inside the ring. Also known as the swarmer, this type of boxer puts constant pressure to his opponent through non-stop attacks and aggression. Crowders are a rare type since there are only few fighters who possess great stamina and can continuously attack his opponent throughout the game.

A boxer may not be a crowder throughout in his fight. For example, Manny Pacquiao is considered a slugger but become a crowder in his first fight against Marco Antonio Barrera. Some popular crowders are Henry Armstrong, Joe Frazer, and Ricky Hatton.

Boxing Styles (part 1 of 2)

While all boxers use different moves, punches and combinations, there is a specific way in which they fight. This is called their style. There are different types of boxing styles. Each varies widely but not totally as one style may resemble a few elements of another style. There are 3 main types or at least, 3 generally known types of boxing styles, "the boxer", "the slugger", and "the inside fighter."

The boxer – This is the technical type of boxing or often referred to as the "textbook fighter." The boxer is a master of both offense and defense. He fights generally from the outside, come in to make few hits, and the back off again. The boxer may not be the most entertaining to watch if you are looking for some great action but he possesses excellent technical abilities that beginners can learn from.

He can fight well against sluggers because he is faster and more agile inside the ring. Muhammad Ali, Benny Leonard, and Sugar Ray Leonard, Lennox Lewis, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Roy Jones Jr., Winky Wright, and Felix Trinidad are some of the most popular fighters who possess this style.

The slugger – This fighter may not possess the technical skills of "the boxer" but power and aggressiveness are his main weapons. A slugger is the most fun and most exciting fighter to watch. Also known as the brawler, he lacks finesse in the ring, but he makes up for it by his unpredictability and powerful punches which often result to knockouts. This is the reason why Manny Pacquiao is the most popular and well appreciated boxer today. Other well-known sluggers are Naseem Hamed, Sonny Liston, George Foreman, and Arturo Gatti.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Crewel Embroidery Made Easy (part 2 of 2)

- Crewel Embroidery demands sturdy and weaved tightly base fabrics to keep the needlework from sagging. It also provides tension while the design is being done but the use of frames like hoops is still very important. It ensures that the design will never distort of crumple during and after the needlecraft is done.

The stunning technique of Crewel embroidery is also a long way to follow. In fact, these are museum pieces traced back to the early 1500s as part of European culture. It was introduced when the East started trading their fine wool, although the word crewel was used even earlier in 1494. It refers to wool yarns used in crewelwork. The word is also used as a joke that means the cruelty of the needle’s pricks every practicing person will need to endure.

To date, the culture lives on and it spread across continents. Women, especially, are drawn to the relaxing process of crewel embroidery. Mothers love designing and producing designs they love their families to wear and homes to use. Also, this technique of needle craft is among the best employment nowadays due to the high demands of fashionable dresses and home fabric decorations.

It's materials are also widely available over the counters and even online. On top of that, formal trainings and schoolings are also offered to those willing to embark on it as either a business or simple pastime.